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Bodyguard Training, Services and Equipment

P.O.Box 17492
Tampa, Florida 33682
(813) 380-5801

Speaks and writes fluently in Spanish and Dutch
Master of Science Degree in Public Administration
Doctorate of Philosophy Degree in Motivational Psychology

California State Licensed
Private Investigator
Private Patrol Operator

Background Investigations
Surveillance: Physical & Electronic
Security Consulting and Physical Security Services
Executive Protection (Body guarding)

Private (I) Enterprises
P.I.E Security

Offices in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Amsterdam, Aruba and Curacao

Carry Concealed Weapons Permit (CA) and (WA)
Full - Service Personal and Corporate Investigations
Loss Prevention Consultations and Services

California State Licensed
Firearm Training Instructor
Baton Training Instructor

Weapons and Self-defense Training
National Rifle Association Credentialed Firearms Expert
Home Firearms Instructor and personal Defense Instructor
Police Firearm & Baton Training Instructor
Locks and Keys. High tech security systems (Entry and Identification)

Istatia's Firearm Training Academy

Expert in ALL Firearm Calibers
Demolition Expert (U.S. Navy)
Total Security Solutions International

Security Integrity Testing
Security Challenges on existing systems

Professional Security Services and Training
Executive Protection and Training (Bodyguard)
Private Investigation Training

Istatia's Security Solutions

Locksmith Services for Home, Office, Automotive, Aviation and Marine
Spy Equipment
Professional Bodyguard supplies

Expert Countermeasures and Covert Operations
Services and Equipment

Istatia's Security Solutions
CCTV Expert

Locksmith Services and Training
CCTV Design and Installation - Covert and Plain View
Electronics Specialist

California State Representative
World Black Belt Bureau
Martial Artist

Istatia's Martial Arts Academy

Black belt in Kakuto-Bugei (Weaponry Master)
Black belt in Shotokan
Black belt in Tae Kwon Do
Black belt in Ju-Jitsu
Black belt in Ju-Do

Knife Existentialist
Shihan's BodFac Workshop

Body & Facial Expressions for Visual Performance (BodFac)
Stunt Martial Arts & Visual Performance
California State Licensed
Professional Athletic Trainer

Martial Artist
Boxer Trainer Licensed

P.I. 16577, L.C.O. 2349, T.I.B. 1311, T.I.F.

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